Friday, May 02, 2008


Son and I both had birthdays during Passover last week.

I always love cooking during Passover. The challenge of coming up with celebratory foods which do not use wheat, oats, rice, beans, etc. is often a challenge--but it forces me to think more creatively.

On the other hand, Passover pretty much changes the meaning of birthday cake....

This year, Son turned nine years old. I've been thinking about the fact that his time at home with us may already be half over. And each day I notice how much taller he is now.

Luckily, he is still young enough to enjoy handknit toys:

Son read the first Harry Potter book when he turned six years old. David and I have loved the whole series, but we felt then that our son was just too young for most of the books. We made a deal with him: he could read one new Harry Potter a year, so he would age just as Harry does in the books.

At 7 AM on his birthday, Son ran into our bedroom straight to the shelves where we keep the series. He pulled down the fourth book and started to read.

We saw him again in time for cake.


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday to the young man! I love the HP excitement and can't wait for Isobel to be old enough to enjoy them. That's a great idea of doing one each year.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday dude!

And what a great way to spend your birthday.

cici said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you both!!

Green Bean said...

Great idea on introducing the Harry Potter books one year at a time. We may try that with my now 5 year old. My husband and I cannot wait to share the magic of HP with our boys. Happy Birthday to yours.

sillyewe said...

Happy Birthday to you both! How lucky you are to savor each moment with him. It is very moving. :0)

My tomatoes? Well, if they aren't in the ground here already, we won't get any as they will burn up early here. :0( Sad, but true. I only like home grown tomatoes. You can actually smell them. ;0) Imagine that.

Greta_Jane said...

How to you feel about corn syrup? You could always go with ice cream cake. (Or, you could make it at home and not have to worry about corn syrup.)

The Purloined Letter said...

Ice cream cake is a good idea. We don't eat corn during Passover--but I should be fair and say there are many wonderful flourless cakes and also many matzah meal cakes that are very good. Traditional birthday cakes they are not--but delicious? Yes!

Carrie K said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!


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