Friday, April 25, 2008


In honor of a Canadian friend becoming an American yesterday, I'm about to start a very cool little pattern she introduced me to.

Unfortunately, I cannot share information or pictures because this knitting project is intended to be a winter holiday present for a dear friend who lives in Wisconsin (who I think reads this blog--hi there!--and would have her surprise ruined if she saw).

If you're set up on Ravelry, take a look--and cast on for yourself (especially if you live in a cold climate). If you are not signed up for Ravelry and you want to know what I am talking about, email me.

This knit is really interesting and entertaining to watch come off the needles!


Misstea said...

Hey, I live here, and I haven't done those yet.

It's a very... appropriate idea.

Sara said...

I love that pattern, and need to start another set as my dog ate the first one (yes, creating no END of trauma for me)


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