Sunday, July 01, 2007

One Local Summer #1

In honor of Pocket Farm's One Local Summer as well as the beginning of Crunchy Chicken's Local Food Month, may I present a local meal:

Using an adaptation of Barbara Kingsolver's recipe, we made pizza dough with whole wheat flour (not local) and rye flour (local, according to our co-op).

We topped it with local mushrooms from the co-op, tomatoes from the farmer's market, along with the most amazing feta cheese spiked with herbes de Provence. We sprinkled the whole thing with basil and lemon verbena from the pots on our deck.

We added to our plates a salad of farmer's market arugula salad topped with CSA radishes. Delish!

Let me admit that Liz's post about her own local meal helped us overcome what was an unexpected change of menu. After we spent the morning stewing chicken carcass to make stock, I drained it into a bowl in the sink. Thinking that the still-cooling bowl was the full-of-water dirty bowl he had used to make the morning's gorgeous whole-wheat blueberry pancakes, David unknowingly dumped out the liquid and cleaned the bowl. Just this once, sparkling-clean dishes in the drainer was not the ultimate source of domestic bliss...!


Liz said...

Your pizza looks FABULOUS! So sorry to hear about the chicken stock. sigh.

Sheepish Annie said...

Oh dear! I mourn the loss of the chicken stock. But I think that the pizza may have made up for it, though. It looks yummy!!!

maggie said...

The pizza looks lovely! Your post and Liz's make me think I can make a local pizza - I have flour, no cheese. Now I can make my own or substitute!


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