Sunday, July 08, 2007

One Local Summer #2

For this week's meal in honor of One Local Summer, we made Garden Crustless Quiche.

The custard was made from goat's milk and eggs from our Amish dairy provider. For the filling, we went really local: it was all from our garden. We picked the last of the broccoli, the first of the squash, some dinosaur kale, some rainbow chard, and lots of parsley. On the side we served a lettuce and cucumber salad with a little minced lemon verbena, all picked minutes before eating.

For dessert...

...we had honey ice cream made at the dairy (with only their own milk, own eggs, some local honey, and a pinch of non-local salt and vanilla), served with fresh spearmint-and-lemon balm herbal tea.

There is something awfully special about eating food you have grown yourself. Now, if only Takoma Park would let us keep chickens and a goat in our postage-stamp backyard!

* * *

You may remember that last week I copied Liz's One Local Summer meal after having my own kitchen mishap. This week, I had not even seen her post when I put this meal together. Obviously, great minds think alike!


Liz said...

Quiche is so great, everyone should have some! I only wish I had finished my meal with honey ice cream. :)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

What? I thought you could keep backyard chickens in TKPK?? My understanding was, as long as its not a rooster, it's ok. But I don't know where I got that info ;-).

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

You're so lucky to have such a great source for ingredients! Wild honey ice cream... YUM.


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