Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Local Summer #4

For our fourth meal of One Local Summer, we staged a dinner on the grill.

The center were burgers made of ground beef from our dairy co-op formed into patties with zucchini and chard from our garden. I added an egg to help the mixture hold together well, but I don't know if it was necessary. We served the burgers on buns made by a local bakery with tomatoes from our CSA.

Along with the burgers we had farmer's market corn grilled for about 20 minutes then shucked and gobbled down...

...zucchini and yellow squash grilled in wedges, and cukes marinated in cider vinegar (one of my Granny's favorite sides).

To drink we made mojitos with non-local rum and lime juice, mint from the garden, and local maple sugar. Tasty!

And dessert? Our favorite: simple grilled peaches (from the farmer's market).

Just as we finished eating, the rain began after an absolutely gorgeous evening. We quickly took in our plates and grabbed the laundry drying on the line, running in with our mojito-infused laughter.


Lolly said...

you got rain? we haven't gotten any here yet, and we need it SO bad!

Nice to see the family + food pictures :)

Faith said...

Mmm! Now that is a tasty burger!

Looks great!


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