Monday, July 30, 2007

One Local Summer #5

For our fifth meal of One Local Summer, we had some friends over for gazpacho... we bought while in Pennsylvania one weekend...

...homemade pumpernickel with sour cherries...

...and blueberry-peach crisp for dessert.

The gazpacho was a mix of cukes and lemon verbena from the garden, tomatoes and peppers from our CSA, and garlic scapes from the farmer's market. It had a little nonlocal olive oil and cider vinegar in it, too, along with salt and pepper.

The bread, made with nonlocal wheat flour as well as nonlocal yeast and cocoa powder and molasses, had local rye in it.

Both fruits in the crisp were from the farmer's market, as was the sweetener (maple sugar)--but the oats were not local.

Lovely weather, wonderful friends, and way way way too many mosquitoes!


Caroline said...

Mmmm! Barbara Kingsolver would be proud!

lucette said...

I hadn't thought of using lemon verbena in gazpacho--what a good idea.


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