Friday, June 29, 2007

Knitting into the Mystery

No, not the book by that name. Instead: Mystery Stole 3!

Having just finished my second Adamas (which will blocked and unveiled by early next week), I was all set for the release of the first clue this morning.

What fun! The knitting begins at a point, although the final product will be a stole. While some have suggested it could be knit on the bias, I and many others are pretty sure it is simply a pointed-ended straight-knit rectangle. And what a relief! My cast-on edges are either tight or very uneven, so starting with a cast-on of two stitches is very much to my liking.

The pattern is lots of fun to knit, at least so far. And the beading is, after a couple of tries at the very beginning, starting to seem easy-peasy. As a matte gray-and-tan kind of person, I was a little nervous about trying the beads. The beads I chose are extremely subtle--perhaps so subtle as to make the beading a time-consuming waste of time. But I like learning the new skill and I like the weight the beads will add to the shawl.

On to the next chart!


Kathleen said...

What yarn are you using, Hannah? It looks black in the first picture but grey in the second. Inquiring minds who don't have their yarn yet want to know :)

The Purloined Letter said...

It is KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud in Midnight Heather--a cheap yet lovely yarn. The beads are a very blackish transparent charcoal gray. So yes, it is black but perhaps due to the slightly mixed coloring of the yarn, shows up much lighter with the camera's flash. If you haven't seen the yarn in person, I'll pass on that next to a very true black, it seems to have more green and navy in it than just pure black. But not the lighter gray of the picture.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

So pretty--we missed you on Tuesday! Hope to see you soon.


Sheepish Annie said...

The NETA posts are all a-twitter with people starting this shawl. I'm not knitting it (big surprise, right?) but I'm really enjoying watching eveyone else work it up!

Jennifer said...

Your stole is looking great! I love it in the black.

Hopefully you'll get to see my natural-color soon enough- but there's no way I can get through it as quickly as you have! said...

Very beautiful work Hannah. I sure enjoy looking at other knitters work of art. It keeps me going. I love to knit, and envy all that can use 3 needles. I am all toes when it comes to that. I am making a jacket right now. Just one set of round needles.

Heres to many great projects and no dropped stitches!


EGJ said...

I too just tried out beading for the first time (well, in May, and I'm on my second project now, but I think that would still count as almost-first) and was amazed at how easy it was. I love subtle beading too - while it's tricky to take a photograph of, it adds a bit of mystery to a garment. ;-) Looking forward to seeing the stole take shape.


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