Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Issue Two of Crunchy Chicken's Low Impact Week

Many ways of saving water are simple: take shorter showers, use a water-saving sink attachment, turn off the water while you brush your teeth or shave or wash dishes, only run the dishwasher when it is full, and (even though you may think this is disturbing) use the Ed Koch flush.

We're thinking about constructing a rain barrel in our garden so we can put some of that lovely rain on the garden even when it is bone-dry outside.

Another way to cut down on water use is to xeriscape your yard--that is, use locality-appropriate plantings that do not require additional water and also avoid run-off. Much of our back yard is devoted to growing produce--and while vegetable gardening answers other environmental concerns, it is certainly not a water-saving measure.

Some people even have a greywater system that collects domestic waste water such as that from washing dishes, doing laundry, and showering to recycle for flushing toilets and for irrigation. Very cool!


Mouse said...

I live in a neighborhood that is completely obsessed with their lawns and cars. I can't even believe that people waste water on their (chemically enhanced.. poisonous)yards like that. Here in GA we are in a serious drought and have water bans in affect. Still though I see people turning on their sprinklers and washing their cars as if no one would notice.
Along with your water reduction list.. doing FULL loads of laundry should also be included. Quite honestly I don't even separate our laundry.. I wash everything together (unless its horribly soiled and that stuff gets its own load) and don't care at all that our "whites" aren't as bright.

Sheepish Annie said...

Rain barrels are fairly common in my neck of the woods. Rainwater is considered the best water for plants by many people I know. And it is a great way to conserve water. It is a good idea to keep it covered as much as possible, though. Children and wildlife tend to be curious and the results aren't always good.


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