Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Issue Three of Crunchy Chicken's Low Impact Week

I used to laugh at the yuppies ordering their Starbucks half-caf triple-shot double-foam non-fat short caramel lattes.

Now I'm picking out my beans the same way. Make mine shade-grown, organic, fair trade, and locally roasted, please.

You can find this cool rising-sea-level mug (that we do not own but always laugh at) here.

* * *

I talk a lot on this blog about eating locally-grown food, but recently we've been eating even more locally than usual, as my fortune cookie commands:

Our garden broccoli, still small, looked like it might be about to bolt in the heat we've had recently. We harvested it...

...served it steamed in a whole-wheat tortilla with mozzarella cheese...

...and packed it in David's nifty lunch pail:

* * *

Another way to change your food habits in order to lesson your ecological footprint is to answer the "Paper or plastic?" question with, "No thanks; I brought my own bag." In a pinch, I've even used a shawl in progress:

(No knitting was harmed in the taking of this picture.)

* * *

Our goal for the future? To make sure we have some old reusable containers with us for restaurant leftovers when we go out to dinner. (Yep--the backpack-slash-car kit is getting larger: string bags and washed-out produce bags, metal coffee mug, cloth napkins and handkerchiefs, etc. along with the requisite books and knitting for all of us. When will this start to seem ridiculous?)


Liz K. said...

These posts are really inspirational. I have recently stopped buying paper napkins and am rinsing and re-using plastic bags, recycling ones I can, and bringing my own totes too.

I also decided to try to buy as much local food as possible this summer, and cut down trips to the big grocery store (Trader Joe's just doesn't count!) to one a month.

You keep educating your readers, and I really appreciate it. You are having an impact beyond your own family.

Jasmine said...

Kind of ironic that you have to carry around all that stuff so that you can tavel "lighly" on the planet. I have to go pick up my CSA share this afternoon and I heard there are raspberries!


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