Friday, June 01, 2007

Low Impact Week

There have been many calls to consider our impact on the earth and challenge ourselves to be more careful of our planet: No Impact Man (and the conservative parody/cheapskate blog Low Impact Man), Judith Levine's Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, EnviroWoman's plastic-free pledge, 90% Reduction, The Compact, and even the blog with my favorite non-knitting title: Little Blog in the Big Woods with Greenpa's "Earth Lent".

One challenge I am interested in participating in myself is Crunchy Chicken's Low Impact Week. The founder suggests seven areas to work on.

1. Reduce energy consumption
2. Reduce water usage
3. Change your food habits
4. Reduce your dependence on paper products
5. Reduce your garbage output
6. Reduce Single Occupancy Vehicle usage
7. Do something that lasts more than a week

Under each category, she gives us a list of possibilities for changes in our lives.

My goal for the week is not necessarily to make tremendous changes right now. This is simply a week for contemplating and planning changes that we might be able either to incorporate into our daily lives or try to do occasionally. I hope you'll all join me in a conversation about how and what you've tried to do, how it has worked out, and what you want to change next.


Sheepish Annie said...

My biggest sin is my lunch. I carry it in a plastic grocery bag. I always say I'm going to use it more than two or three times. But I don't. I save most of them at school for the kids to use in case they need to take home projects or whatever. But I really could do with a good lunch sack. I think I'm going to knit one...I saw a pattern not too long ago! Fun and would save a lot of plastic bags!

Mouse said...

I'm guilty of not using my canvas shopping bags all the time. I remember them when I go to the grocery store myself (which happens a few times a month..) but I don't remember to grab them when I go out with hubby. I also tend to take plastic bags from other places.. like the craft store, etc. rather than bringing my shopping bags.
I'd like to start replacing our standard lightbulbs in the house and try to eat more veggies. I'm planning a blog post on this soon - so I'll shut up before I clutter up your comments section.. lol

Rachael said...

The change I'm trying to work on at the moment is to eat healthy & local. It's harder than it seems like it should be, the farmers market is a trek & at the grocery store you have to read the fine print to find the local stuff, but I'm trying. I also am trying the 'shop the edges' of the store bit - The only thing I buy on the inside are staples such as flour, sugar, herbs, olive oil, vinegars, pasta & so on. I would say I'm 95% successful with that. It feels good, less in the pantry, more good for us food & better tasting food all the way around.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

I think it's wonderful that so many people are trying to change... really, really fantastic. It isn't always easy, and sometimes I feel like all of our little steps aren't going to add up to much, but it sure feels better than doing nothing at all!


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