Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On Hold

The Purloined Letter will return on Friday.

Coming Up:

Finishing Low Impact Week
Knitting from yarn dyed locally
Spinning at the Mannings
and a little mystery, thanks to a knit-night pal...!


Jasmine said...

I was up in your neck of the woods at the Tangled Skein for their yarn tasting -- turns out I had made cheese puffs with the owner for a mutal friend's daughter's wedding -- I thought of you

Jennifer said...

I see you've joined MS3! Did you do her past mystery lace projects? Do you know if anyone else from the local gang has joined?

I am so excited to start, my Hanami is so much fun to knit.

See you in the blog-o-sphere! I don't get out of work by 7 anymore, so haven't been able to make it to SSK. Here's hoping that changes in the future.

KBlicious said...

hi there! i am super behind on your blog once again, but i wanted to tell you that I put in those funky energy saving light bulbs today and also picked up a recycle bin from the city, largely inspired by you! i know those are small steps, but steps nonetheless!

hope all is well and hope to catch up with you soon!


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