Wednesday, April 04, 2007


We've been in Florida for the last few days, spending the beginning of Passover with David's family. More details about our trip soon (complete with pictures of the conversion of a new knitter!), but for now:

Spinning silk roving in the "Turkish Carpet" colorway:

I also plied the silk cap from last week with itself, then skeined it up:

(I have a new incentive to exfoliate and moisturize my hands. Silk fibers catch and snag on every one of my rough spots....)


beadlizard said...

Best exfoliation vehicle I've used is a handspun laceweight Falklands Merino handknit fulled washcloth with Aubrey's Goodies Unlimited Cocoa Butter Soap. Occasional addition of homemade clarified chicken fat moisturizer.

The other thing you can do is knit with that Icelandic laceweight from Schoolhouse/Meg. It will remove your outer layer rather quickly! --syl

Sheepish Annie said...

I have the same problems with silk! Little bumps that I didn't even know where there are suddenly catching on everything. Sheesh!

Lovely yarn. I'm hoping to break out the wheel and spindle over the weekend and maybe finish a skein or two. Maybe...

Anonymous said...

the colors are beautiful!

KBlicious said...

those colors are GORGEOUS! you have me so itching to spin silk again!


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