Monday, April 09, 2007

Florida Knitting

New knitting converts!

David showed his brother Eliot and E's partner Dave how to knit:

Eliot trys, using needles that his grandmother used to use...

...and he finished his first project, a coaster!

* * *

After many months' delay, I was able to take David's mother her Hanukkah present--the silk Swallowtail Shawl. It looks just perfect on her!


Lolly said...

All in the family! I love how you all knit together :)

The shawl looks wonderful on her. It is so light and beautiful, Hannah. Job well done!

Mouse said...

The whole family must have the "knitting gene"! I'm going to try to corrupt my sister-in-law because she always seems interested in my pattern magazines.. nobody else in the family seems to care about yarn!

Kate A. said...

The shawl is *breathtaking* on its intended recipient! Really stunning!

Your pictures also made me think - why do I love it so much when I hear that I total stranger whom I haven't met and probably won't meet learns to knit? It's not just that it's nice to have more people around like me, or more people who are knitters (because knitters are so much more likely to be nice than the general population) or more people in our club. I think it's because every time I see or hear about someone's first knitting experience, I remember mine (several of them), and then all the joy and peace and fun and craziness that followed and I'm just so happy to think of all the wonderful knitting time these new converts have ahead of them! Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Remarkable how the whole family *yarns* to *knit* a closer *stitch* to each other...the *thread* *hooking* them all together....DMT

Christy said...

I love how you can see Eliott still knitting in background of that last pic of the Swallowtail.


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