Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stepping Out

Step It Up 2007 is the brainchild of Bill McKibben, a wonderful author and environmentalist whose books make me think and inspire me to change our world.

His group spearheaded the National Day of Climate of Action on Saturday. Tens of thousands of Americans gathered across the country in the largest-ever demonstration against global warming. Over thirteen hundred rallies, demonstrations and actions were held in all fifty states to call on Congress to cut carbon emissions by 80 percent by the year 2050.

Check out Grist's report on some of the amazing rallies!

We thought about going to the big rally at the nation's capitol but decided instead to intend our local march. On a day that threatened rain but managed to stay sunny, the Takoma Park/Silver Spring action began with an inspiring performance by the always-inspiring duo Emma's Revolution!

After they finished a couple of songs, they headed to the Capitol and we began to prepare for a three mile march through the streets of Takoma Park and Silver Spring.

We were joined by a giant puppet and the puppet maker on stilts (who looks amazingly like shawl designer Sivia Harding):

and by the Rhythm Workers Union:

We followed many colorful and powerful banners:

One child wanted to give the world a hand:

The march route took us by a park with ancient trees that activists fought to keep alive, an eco-friendly co-housing village, Walter Reed, and two urban gardens.

The joyful celebration of the earth ended with a drumming circle...

...while some of the children made the trees their companions for the afternoon:


Libby said...

Way to protest!

Raines said...

Isn't Takoma Village Cohousing simply lovely? Thanks for including it on your rally. I know several folks from there participated in the big peace rally a couple of years back... I was in town for the Green Festival so I joined in as well.

There's another cohousing neighborhood just up the road Eastern Village, just across the line in Silver Spring, where geothermal well, structural reuse, and a green roof helped make it the first owner-occupied LEED Silver certified residential project in the U.S., and winner of awards in both the luxury and affordable categories.

There's several other cohousing neighborhoods around the greater DC area, and a bus tour is coming up May 19 for anyone interested in seeing what's out there and meeting others interested in creating their own. For more info visit the regional site, Mid-Atlantic Cohousing.

Raines Cohen, Cohousing Coach, Planning for Sustainable Communities, Berkeley, CA, who comes back to visit the Takoma area every year or two, partly to visit cohousing but also because my mom grew up in Silver Spring and I've got family in the area.

laurie in maine said...

Yay for peaceful protests & toe scratchers!

micah said...

good stuff.

I'm allabout that tree too! ...that's got me thinking!


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