Thursday, December 28, 2006

Taking Stock, Making Socks

I have not gotten a whole lot of knitting done over the holidays. The alternately cold and moist weather that we have had recently has made my hands hurt enough that reading seems significantly more appealing than knitting.

The coming of the New Year always seems like a good time to pause, tie things up, reflect on the choices one made this year and the choices one will make next year, breathe. See one's mistakes and missteps. Imagine what one can learn.

I did finish socks I started quite some time ago:

They are so soft! I'm not crazy about the pooling in the cuffs and ankles--but so be it. While I love to wear handmade socks, they are really more about the knitting (portable and mindless enough to do anywhere) than about the wearing.

I have a couple of other small projects, as well as a conference that will provide some mindless-knitting time. And then--on to one of the dream projects!


The Tell-Tale Heart said...

I vote for Glen Albyn, St. Brigid, and Diamond Fantasy, but only after visiting the trains at the Conservatory and a quiet Champagne-filled New Year's Eve at home in front of the fire. Happy 2007!

Lolly said...

Pretty socks! I like the mix of colors ;)

Oh, can't wait to see which dram project you choose!!

Anonymous said...

I love the socks. I don't mind the pooling. And I love wearing handknit socks -- to the point where I almost don't wear anything but!

And your holdiays with family are look lovely!

And if Abe needs lessons -- my Bob might be available.

the Liitle Giant said...

I want to knit some socks.i have not knit any yet.
those are pretty.


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