Monday, December 18, 2006

Saturday, oh Saturday...

After months of spending all my weekends locked in the study staring at a computer screen, it was a joy to go to Eastern Market with David and our son early this Saturday morning.

Bright and early, we got in the long line at Market Lunch...

...for the most scrumptious blueberry-buckwheat pancakes with pecans and maple syrup on top:

After breakfast, we shopped for bluefish from the fish guy, Brussels sprouts at the produce stand, and phenomenal cheese from the cheese place. We ooh and ahhed over the gorgeous ravioli in all sorts of exotic flavors and restrained ourselves at the bakery.

After we left the market building, we walked leisurely through the flea market, enjoying the sunny warmth of the day. Then we headed down the street to Stitch DC where David picked up some Kidsilk Haze to make a lacy ribbed scarf, possibly to donate to the silent auction of one of his favorite charities.

We then headed to the liquor store where we bought various wines and liquors to restock our bar--as well as champagne so we can formally celebrate the finishing of the book. (Abe dipped a beeswax candle at a friend's house last week and we will be lighting that at our celebration, too.)

We spent the rest of the day knitting and chatting--reveling in our new ability to celebrate weekends together.

1 comment:

Brena said...

Oh, those pancakes look SO GOOD.

Kidsilk makes beautiful scarves, I bet it goes for a bundle at the auction!


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