Wednesday, December 20, 2006

One more down

There is no kinder gift than offering to do a dramatically-behind knitter's holiday knitting for her. And that is exactly what David gave me. He knit my brother's holiday present: the Satchel from Knitty.

Here is is felted:

What a great pattern! It flies with doubled worsted-weight yarn on size 13 needles. Beginning to knit in the round after picking up the base stitches was awkward enough at the beginning that David wondered if this was really a good project--but after a few rows, everything worked beautifully. The I-cord bind-off was a new skill for us both. (Isn't it lovely? It makes such a finished edge.)

I'm sure my brother will love it. Perhaps he'll carry his dissertation-in-progress around in it...


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless! Both at the fact that he made it, and how cool it turned out. Great job!

bookgrump said...

Great job! You're very lucky to have a hubby who knits!

(And yes... The i-cord bind-off is awesome! It makes it look so sharp!)

Mouse said...

ooh.. that is definitely a nice bag! I'm going to have to check that out for myself after the holidays.

Annie said...

Wow, that's really beautiful! I love the manly colors.

The Tell Tale Heart said...

And when we were through "we all danced the horah!"


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