Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Moving Right Along

My co-writer and I finished preparing our manuscript for the copy-editor--extracting footnotes from the main text (what a nightmare), removing the double space that I type between sentences, changing the smart quotes to not-so-smart quotes, and making sure that all the interviewees who wished to be anonymous are in fact anonymous and properly coded. The chapters are already even printed out. All we have left is to figure out where we would like the press to place the illustrations and then do one more editing of our acknowledgments page. All will be mailed off Friday morning! We'll still get copy-edits back, then page proofs from which we will have to make an index. The book should be out in early fall 2007.

Meanwhile, Swallowtail is progressing slowly but surely. I have four more rows in the second Lily of the Valley pattern and then the peaked edging. Due partly to my frustration with the recent history of this shawl and partly to the very limited amount of time I have spent knitting in the last week, I'm only knitting a couple of rows a day. Keeps me sane.

I've been dreaming about new knitting-related projects for the upcoming post-book year: a scarf from Arctic Lace knit from luscious local alpaca, an Alice Starmore sweater (or even two--one fair isle and one cabled?), a lovely shawl with gorgeous yarn....

But right now, now I don't want to knit. I want to nap.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the book progress! That is so much work...but it sounds like you and your co-author handled it in stride.

Happy knitting!

Deborah Robson said...

Well, darn. I wish I'd known about your footnote problem. That is, assuming you're working in Word. Jack Lyon at has utilities that can do various things with footnotes. His Notestripper might have done some nice tricks for you and has a 45-day free trial. NEXT time . . . check out Editorium to get rid of some of the tedium of manuscript prep. I have Editor's Toolkit Plus and use it frequently. Much better invention than sliced bread, in my opinion. Can't help with anonymity checking and the like, but can preserve some brain cells for the tasks that actually require them. (Always back up first to a separate directory . . . then let 'er rip.)

Congratulations on getting the ms. done by any means that worked. (All mss. get done "by any means that work.")

Not all tedium can be automated. I just spent a day doing things that couldn't.

Stuntmother said...

Congratulations -- that's great stuff and how lovely to have it off your plate (for a little while) before the holidays.

Nap first. Then lace for the dark cozy days to come.

Carrie K said...

Congratulations on the book! Progress. What Sheepish Annie said.

Swallowtail should behave nicely sooner or later. My Gingerbread Castle finally did.

Yes! Knit an Alice Starmore. She's got an amazing eye for color.


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