Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Day at Adams Farm

The day after we went to the Green Mountain Spinnery, we drove west about 20 miles to Adams Farm.

In addition to building a thriving tourist business around farm life, Adams Farm has constructed what is now my favorite fiber room of all time. There they sell yarn from their own sheep, quilts and quilting material, rug hooking materials, weaving equipment from Weavettes... Tri-Looms,

spinning equipment and an array of fibers,

and assorted dyestuffs.

They even rent drum carders.

Adams Farm yarn is spun from the fleeces of the farm's own merinos. Although they do keep a bit of the fleece for hand carding and hand spinning, most of it is processed at the Green Mountain Spinnery and sent back to Adams Farm for sale on site.

I bought a couple of skeins of this rich chocolate undyed fingering:

I also could not resist these gorgeous colors made with natural dyes, some of which are made from plants grown on the property.

These skeins, from left to right, are dyed with:
1. Logwood, cochineal, and elderberry
2. Cochineal and logwood
3. Onion skns in an iron pot
4. Lac, Logwood, and Hibiscus
5. Rhubarb leaves

In addition to producing this yellowy-green color, rhubarb leaves can act as a mordant due to a particular acid found in them.

Seeing all the naturally-dyed yarn (which included many many more colors such as purples and pinks and even some handpainted, all of which I very sadly left on the shelf)...

...made me want to pull out the alum and madder root I bought earlier this year and try it on the fleece from MDSW. I added a jar of logwood pieces to my shopping bag. That should be an adventure!

I did not just buy yarn and dye. A sampler pack filled with fibers I have not tried yet called to me. In the bag are soy silk, bamboo, silk latte made from milk, viscose, tencil, ingeo, and also some extra-fine merino. I also bought samples of hemp top and flax.

Vermont was a fantastic state to explore and I hope we can go back very soon!


Lolly said...

I finally had the opportunity to catch up on your blog! and I am so glad I did! I love seeing all of the sites. We are heading to Vermont in January for a long weekend trip, and I really hope to make it to some of the places you mentioned. It looks like you had a fabulous time!

I really hope that we can meet soon, H! we are so close! :)

krista said...

that store looks amazing. Those weavettes are all the rage at this local yarn store we have here in Toronto. They are neat-o. I restrained myself from buying one though.

Michelle said...

Your discussion of your trip to Vermont makes me want to go!


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