Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Ravenous Raven: Local Meals

Zucchini stuffed with ground beef from South Mountain Creamery and fresh tomatoes from our garden, covered in tomato sauce from Toigo Orchards
Corn on the Cob, roasted in its husk from our CSA Licking Creek Bend
Roasted Okra, just a teaser for what we hope will be a bumper crop, from our other CSA Red Wiggler
Steamed Cabbage from the first CSA

For dessert we had fresh peaches from the first CSA with Feta de Provence made by Keswick Creamery, one of my favorite vendors at the local farmer's market.

This morning we had more of the CSA peaches with Seven Stars yogurt and Takoma Kitchens granola, both bought at our local co-op. The flowers are from our one of our CSAs, too.

And for dinner tonight? Siamese squash!


Kate A. said...

You know, yours is the only blog I read regularly that has pictures of food, and that's part of why I really like it. If there's anything else I can just stare at adoringly besides pictures of knitting and yarn, it's good food. They seem to all go so well together, don't they? I love the accidental juxtapostion of the fat, round yellow squash and the cool, crunchy wooly cabled scarf just below it...

Lolly said...

Oh my, those peaches look delectable!

Liz said...

Looks yummy. I miss okra!
Sorry I missed you... but I'm glad you spoke up! (somehow my Bloglines didn't pick up your feed). Just send me an email next time you post so it doesn't happen again. :)

Wendy said...

I want to come and eat at your house!


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