Monday, May 01, 2006


A friend of mine and I took an introductory spinning class on Saturday. It was held in the teacher's living room. In addition to having 8 wheels set up in the room, she also had a full-sized loom, a table top loom, a zillion beautiful spindles, carders galore, and examples of her handiwork from quilting to cross-stitch, from crochet to knitting. Amazing.

The first wheel I tried was a very small parlor wheel with an unusual treadle operation. As hard as I tried, I could neither treadle proplerly nor get the pencil roving to twist and wrap around the bobbin. I thought my hopes for learning to spin might just be a pipe dream. When another person in the class (whom I know a bit from knitting group) offered to let me try out her single-treadle Saxony wheel--since I seemed to be an old-fashioned gal--I moved over and looped the roving into the leader. Hey! It worked! I was making yarn!

Soon I switched back to my spot. I called the teacher over who recognized that there was a problem with the way the first wheel was set up. She traded my assigned wheel for another parlor wheel and things were OK. The yarn I produced was thick and over-twisted--but it was recognizable.

I can't wait to try it some more. I've been dreaming about spinning since Saturday.... My experience in the class confirmed for me that the Kromski Symphony might be a great choice. I do really want to try it out at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend before I buy one, though.

Last night we had a lovely evening with some friends we have not seen in too long. David mentioned that I had just taken a spinning class and was thinking of buying a wheel. "You mean an exercise bike for the basement?" asked our friend. I had to laugh. I guess my kind of spinning probably burns more calories than knitting, though.

My favorite picture from the class:


Bess said...

Congratulations on your new found love. Do try the wheels at MS&W - it's a grand opportunity to get a feel for what's out there.

And stop by to say hello at Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth, in the main building. I'll be one of the booth babes. Probably the one spinning on a drop spindle.

Genia said...

So I missed. Where did you take your spinning (not stationary bike) class?


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