Thursday, May 18, 2006

7yo's view of MDSW

Dictated by Son:

On Saturday, I went with my parents and my friend’s mother and baby sister to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I’ve been to the festival before and was looking forward to the sheep dog demonstrations. There were a lot of booths with people selling things: yarn and wool, spindles, spinning wheels, knitting needles, and things they had made. My papa and I split up from my mother and her friend. My mother really wanted to buy a spinning wheel.

There were a lot of sheep! One of the first things I saw at the festival was a pen with a mother sheep and her lambs. The lambs were still nursing. There were many barns with many different kinds of sheep in pens. I wanted to find a Jacob sheep. Male Jacob sheep have two curly horns and two straight horns. I think they look fierce. We didn’t take pictures because Mama had our camera. After we found the Jacob sheep, we watched some sheep judging.

After that we walked along and came to a booth where people were playing music. I saw a bagpipe and asked about it. A man in the booth asked if I would like to hear him play a smaller set of bagpipes. He said if he played the large set it would disturb the other musicians. We walked a bit away from the booth and he took out his pipes and began playing. His pipes had two small drones that looked like thick wooden kaleidoscopes. He played a Scottish song and then “Mary had a Little Lamb.” I thanked him and said good-bye and we went to see the sheep dogs.

At the edge of the festival, there was a big ring with gravel and no grass. There was a wooden fence around the ring. While we were waiting for the show to begin, we ate our lunches. I noticed that there were three dogs in the ring. One was sitting near the fence and two by the sheep trailer. When the show started, the shepherds let the sheep out of the trailer and into the ring. In the ring there were some fences with gates and a pen set up. The shepherds and the dogs steered the sheep into the places where they wanted them. Sometimes it was really tricky. The person who was talking said that the sheep didn’t want to go into the pen because they thought the next step was into the freezer. It took the dog a long time to get the sheep to go into the pen, but eventually it did. The announcer said that the best sheep dogs are Border Collies. All three of the dogs we saw were Border Collies. One of the dogs was named Shep and another was Aggie. One of the shepherds was named Joe.

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Theresa said...

A fabulous and new perspective. What an articulate 7 yo!


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