Friday, May 19, 2006

Fiber Haiku

There once was a family who knit
who crafted some Japanese lit.
Their needles were bamboo;
Their poems haiku.
We hope you enjoy their wit.

Sheep to Shawl
Go! Shearing, carding
spinning, weaving: four hours
all in matching shirts

Cast on two hundred
Change colors every third row
Knit thirty rows, then bind off

Drive belt, spindle whorl
Bobbin, treadle, maiden bar,
The mother of all

I Love Ewe
Shetland, Merino
Jacob, Romney, Wensleydale
and Border Leicester

Sheep to Sweater
Shear, clean, card, dye, spin
Ply, skein, wind, cast on, knit, purl
Bind off, block, wear well

Catalogue Envy
Tri-loom, Squirrel-Cage Swift,
New Zealand Opossum Down,
Lantern Moon baskets

Anyone can Knit
(by Son, age 7)
I can knit and purl
I can make the spindle whorl
I am not a girl

1 comment:

hobbitknitter said...

haha, I love your son's haiku! :-)


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