Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Drum Carder Fun

Last night we all went to my new spinning pal R's house to play with her drum carder and her family. What a lovely evening!

Son had a blast turning the crank and watching various colors and textures come together. I had to laugh, though, when he rejected all the bright and sparkly stuff. He is his mother's son.... While he wasn't producing batts, he loved playing hide and seek as well as putting on puppet shows with R's young daughter.

Very generously, she gave me samples of several kinds of fiber, including a lot of merino, a silk cocoon, and this gorgeous part-cormo part-mohair with a bit of corriedale, some silk noils(?) and also little sparkles in it.

I spun some as singles this morning and I'm very pleased with how much more even my yarn is getting. The noils help camouflage some of the unevenness, too.

Thanks, R!

An early welcome for Project Spectrum June!

1 comment:

Lolly said...

A beautiful project for June! I love the colors!


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