Monday, March 27, 2006

Tink, Tink, Tink

The Go-to-Meeting shawl went with me to the board meeting last night. During a heated discussion early in the evening, I purled a row that is supposed to be knitted so it will form a ridge on the right side. I was so wrapped up in the discussion that I did not notice my mistake for another 8 rows or so. (This shawl is not quite mindless enough, it seems, for such intense negotiations.)

I considered frogging the 8 rows, but I thought that would call a lot of attention to myself. I considered putting the shawl away to fix later at home, but that seemed like a poor choice since I would be left sitting in the meeting for hours with nothing to keep me behaving properly. Finally I started tinking the 1000-plus stitches, then knit them back again only to undo another 200 or so stitches again before the evening was over. Tinking, I learned, works just about as well as knitting as a way to keep me calm.

But for the next board meeting, I’m bringing socks.

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