Thursday, March 23, 2006

Spinning Wheel Class

I just signed up to take a class on learning to spin on a wheel! The class is a 1-day class at the end of April, right after my birthday and right before the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. For months I have been ogling my catalog from The Woolery, circling various wheels and accoutrements, daydreaming, finally discarding the catalog only to fish it out of the recycling a few hours later.

While we were chatting last night over dinner, David looked at me with smile ("I know this will make you happy" or "Well I know this is inevitable anyway"?) and basically said I could buy a wheel whenever I wanted if I promised to clean up the basement. I think we just might work out a deal here....

Here's my real plan:
Until I finish the book, I have no business devoting a whole lot of time to a new project. When I turn in the full draft of my book, I'll use my advance to buy a wheel. That way I'll have both some money and some time to learn. Sound reasonable?

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