Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saying Goodbye

David leaves early tomorrow morning for 5 or 6 days in order to attend a conference. Son and I thought about going with him--it is a conference filled with interesting people, and it is in an especially interesting place this year--but at the last minute decided to stay home. Right now, I am already imagining the loneliness that will quickly set in.

Son and I have created a full calendar to keep us busy until David's return. We have exciting adventures planned, special meals thought out, and meetings with friends scheduled.

But tonight, we say our goodbyes. After a special meal of roasted chicken, roasted Brussels sprouts, and mushroom risotto, we'll watch David pack his bags while we play word games or sing family songs. We'll finish our family bedtime read--then tuck in our son, turn out our lights, and light a candle. Sweet dreams.


Your Nutra-sweetie said...

Thanks for a wonderful dinner. I'll see you upstairs soon. I already miss you both.

Woolysheep said...

Know that your friends out here in the ether are extending our thoughts and prayers for a interesting conference and a safe return home.

Kristi J


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