Thursday, November 06, 2008


I am still trying to come back down to earth after Obama's victory Tuesday evening.

Here are two of my favorite post-election quotes:

"I'm at a christening. It's my christening as a born-again American."
--Norman Lear

"We've crossed over to a better place and a more hopeful time. Not simply because of one man, but because we were prescient enough to have recognized ourselves and the true nature of America reflected in that one man. From there, we set about the task of freeing ourselves from the darkness of this decade and the skulking shadows that have for too long haunted us. In this respect, all of us -- all races -- are a little more free at last. After all these years, we've finally arrived at moment when America feels like it's supposed to feel. This January 20th, all of America will be stepping through those doors with President and Mrs. Obama as the dark ride of the last eight years reaches its long-overdue conclusion -- a conclusion more joyful and overwhelming than I think any of us fully anticipated prior to 11 p.m. eastern time Tuesday night -- when we pushed beyond a crucial threshold on our way to a more perfect union."
--Bob Cesca

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The Tell-Tale Heart said...

I remain hopeful that this election marks the reawakening of the American public. We have been lulled by frustration, disillusionment, and the insidious policies of our Administration into resigning our personal and collective power to the corporate gods. Obama's success will be built on his continued ability to engage, inspire, and involve the American people in taking back control and accepting collective responsibility.

May we remain strong and united.


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