Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Leading the Way

I finished Sharon Astyk's Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Frontwith a feeling not only of hope, but also with a feeling of radical responsibility. What I love best about Astyk's book is the author's unshakable commitment to her inner ethical compass. Usually, I am very resistant to authors telling me to do what they think is right for the world. But Astyk combines belief in universal morals (like truly committing our lives to taking care of elderly parents and children, connecting with our communities, and helping strangers in need) with acceptance and respect for diversity. Instead of feeling like she is preaching at me, I feel like she is inspiring me to try to live up to my ideals and attempt to be my highest self.

For the full review, check out my post over at The Blogging Bookworm.

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