Monday, November 03, 2008


I keep crying happy tears when looking at these wonderful Obama family pictures. This is what I need in the White House! Fundamentally, I trust that anyone who protects, respects, loves, and enjoys his family this much will do the same for this nation.

And don't miss these great romantic moments--and these--between the Barack and Michelle!


cici said...

One of the loviest, most cultured, polished, intelligent, most polite family in the world. What a great American family. God Bless the Obamas. God Bless America... Yes happy tears, and tomorrow this time we will be closer to it.

cici said...

I just looked at the your links... the photos are heartwarming .. thanks:D

Green Bean said...

Ba-ROCK the vote! I'd love to see this family in the White House.


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