Sunday, November 16, 2008

November is for Completion...?

For the last two Novembers, I have participated in NaKniSweMo--a challenge to knit an entire sweater in a single month. In 2007, I knitted a castle sweater for my son. In 2008, I knit a wild entrelac sweater for me. This year, I've dedicated my knitting month to finishing some of the myriad projects I have in the works, many of which are moments from completion.

I have two sweaters that just need buttons and blocking. I have three completed shawls that only need blocking. (Two of them I finished up this month after having them on needles for ages.) I have a balaclava which I will be gifting in mid-December, a pair of gloves missing the fingers on one hand, a beautiful lace scarf about three quarters finished, another scarf which just needs a serious block, and a colorwork cardigan I would love to knit on again now that a chill is in the air.

Well, and yes, I did cast on a simple new project on Election Night: a baby cable stole I plan to wear to the Inauguration.

Right now I can't stop working on it to put the shawls on wires. And I can't put the electric mattress cover on the bed until I've got them finished, since I can't stick pins into it.

Should I knit now and freeze tonight, or waste twenty minutes of my precious knitting time in order to block one of these babies?

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Kathleen said...

I can't believe you have sweaters so close to completion! I'm always dying to wear my sweaters when they're that close.


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