Thursday, February 15, 2007


Welcome to the February 15, 2007 edition of YARNIVAL. Today we have a Valentine's Day issue, chock full of blogs and posts for you to drool over.


Rebecca presents In My Classroom posted at Knitting Bandages for Lepers. Rebecca has a passion for teaching. You won't believe how important fiber becomes to one of her students in this incredible post.

Karen shows us how she is Building a Social Conscience over at Karen Shanley. Nothing is more powerful than sharing love. Here it happens in many ways.

Christy shares Family Knitting to the Tune of Green, posted at Neither Hip Nor Funky. The stitches and echoes from generations gone by are knit into our own lives.

The Rules

Sarah presents A Grand Unified Field Theory of Stash posted at Bella Knitting. In this hilarious post we learn what to do when Y(arn) does not equal DH.

Hillary gives some rules to the muggles in How to Receive a Hand Knit posted at Knitting4Shirley.


Chris presents A Dickens of a Christmas, posted at Spinneret. Midnight visitations help Scrooge learn to love his UFOs, his stash, and his craft. Be sure not to miss his gift to Tiny Tim!

Nigel starts a mystery novel, The Slip of the Stitch, posted at good-natured ribbing. In it, a hard-boiled detective gets a glimpse inside a woman's knitting bag and from her yarn gains insight into her personality.

Jackie hosts the Louet vs. Lendrum Smackdown over at Yarnish. Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte go, um, head to head!

Perfecting Our Technique

First there was Kinsey. Then there was Doctor Ruth. Now, we have many sources for new tricks:

Kristi presents How to Use a Nostepinne posted at Fiber Fool. Sometimes a nostepinne is just a nostepinne. But what is a nostepinne? Learn how to make a center-pull ball without the crank in this excellent tutorial. Then, keep one in your luggage (or night stand?) for those times you just can't wait to go from skein to cast-on.

Trillian42 teaches us a new method of knitting Log Cabin style posted at Katydid Knits. Maximize your pleasure by learning this cool trick to avoid having to pick up all those stitches.

Carole tells us how to follow a cable chart the easy way in this post found on Carole Knits. Cross my heart: You will love this idea.

Abigaill presents The Thumb Trick posted at A Kitten Knits. This handy lesson shows us an easy way to keep the thumb on hold while we knit the rest of our mittens.

Crankygrrrrrl teaches us the k1p1 invisible bind-off, posted at crankygrrrrrl, a stretchy bind off especially useful for toe-up socks.

Mary gives us Issy Does Moscow... posted at Virgin Wool, a video demonstration of the Russian Join--a technique to avoid having to weave in all those ends after you finish a project.

Playing Around

Miss T presents How I Became a Knitter posted at Miss T's Mystery House of Yarn & Horrors, in which Miss T shows us that sometimes it is the element of risk which draws us in.

Rhonda asks, "Is there a camera looking into my house?" posted at Home of the StitchingNut. A voyeur seems to be looking in a lot of our living rooms, seeing not just how we spend our evenings but what part yarn plays in our decorating.

Micki Unravels the truth at a thing for string, testing exactly how much yarn knitting and crochet really takes. Does the conventional wisdom hold up?

The Fruits of Our Love

Check out Sue's love-ly finished project, the Urchin Shawl posted at Snail Spirals. She designed it, wrote the chart, knitted it (quite a feat in itself), and dyed it. This calls for celebrating!

Elspeth proves that diamonds are a girls best friend as she models her finished Irish Diamond Shawl posted at Wry Punster. Beautiful knitting, beautiful model, and beautiful photography.

Liz Knits presents My first sock! (or is it?) posted at liz knits. You never forget your first. Or maybe you do, if it doesn't really count.

Carole puts her latest FO to good use.

Kirsten presents Is it the book or the knitting? posted at Through The Loops! When you're taking pictures of your finished objects, you never know what may show up!

Knit Two Together

Lolly presents Living Happily posted at Lolly Knitting Around. Kris has us all cheering for him from the moment we see that high-school kiss. But just wait until you see how perfect his anniversary presents are!

Liz K. presents the beautiful Mr S.'s Arms posted at Crossroad Knits, saying, "We've all suffered through the sleeves. I decided to spent some time thinking about the sleeves final destination, my husband's arms."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Yarnival, to be hosted by NotScarlett, using the carnival submission form. If you haven't read the earlier issues, check out the first first two issues hosted by Eve of Needle Exchange and the subsequent issues hosted on January One, Fricknits, and CaroleKnits.


Carole Knits said...

You did a great job - I know it's a lot of work!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful job you did showcasing each post! Thanks so much. Off to enjoy working my way through each one.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job! So excited about reading all the great posts in this edition. Thanks for working so hard to put this together!

Mary said...

Hey -- nice job, and thanks for including me in this issue! :-)

Anonymous said...

great job doing this issue of yarnival! thank you for your hard work gathering everything together. :)

Liz K. said...

Thanks so much for including us in this month's Yarnival! I am really looking forward to everyone else's submissions -- most of the blogs are new to me. Thanks for your hard work.

Kirsten said...

Oh my gosh, I've only just gotten the chance to start reading the Yarnival posts. I am so moved my Rebecca's story! Thanks again for editing.

LizKnits said...

thanks for all the work on this edition of Yarnival!
Loved Is it the book or the knitting?


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