Monday, February 05, 2007

Stranded Increases

I've given up on making pretty Make 1 increases in Fair Isle and gone instead for this system:

First, I knit into the stitch and wrap the color that follows first in the pattern.

Then, before I draw the yarn through, I wrap the color that follows second in the pattern.

I then pull both through. Voila! An increase, following the pattern.

Occasionally, one comes across two stitches of the same color during the increase portion. I've been struggling through the much slower (at least for me) and much messier (again, at least for me) M1 increases here. Anybody know another way?

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SaraSkates said...

hmmm - lifted bar increase? lift the bar separating the just-knit stitch and the about-to-be-knit stitch and put it on the L needle. Knit it. Depending on which way you lift it, you'll set the cross at the base of the new stitch - it's easier to lift by poking the L needle from front to back through the lift and then knitting through the back of the lifted stitch, but it leans it the wrong way. So lift it by poking from back to front, and knit through the front.

Of course, you probably already know the technique and my detail is overkill ;)

Kathleen C. said...

Yeah, a lifted make1 was my first thought too.
The only other increase I can think of is to knit in the front and the back of the loop. But that'll make a little bump at the base, so maybe still too messy?

Kathryn said...

When I increase on colorwork, I use a technique similar to yours: I knit in the front and back of the stitch. It's not as pretty, but it's easy.

Carrie K said...

There's an increase where you knit into the back of the loop of the stitch under the one you're knitting next. It's nice and tight but it can take some finagling.


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