Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thank You

Thank you all for your very kind comments on Friday's post. The week of the 12th-16th is always a bit challenging for me. This is an anniversary full of both the celebration of life and the memorializing of loss. Each year, I am either surprised at how happy I am or disappointed by how stressed I am.

This year, feeling a great need for comfort knitting, I cast on a new project. Using the softest yarn I have ever touched, Jade Sapphire's cashmere, I started a simple stockinette shawl--one I think will become the Seraphim shawl. Nothing could have been more perfect. But now it has to go in the box for a little while as I finish up other projects....

Again, thank you all for being so kind and encouraging.

Tomorrow: pictures of the blocked Kiri shawl.


Anonymous said...

Again, thanks for sharing your stories with us.

OfTroy said...

i found your blog going round the knitters ring (i am a newish member of the ring.

I prefer blogs with lots of photo's and knitting content, but your blog drew me in..

and now has been book marked.

thank you for your openness and honesty.. said...

Thank YOU!
I just got my yummy prize package!
Scrubs, I knew were coming (tee hee), I'm so tickled with the scrubs...
And you did promise a yarn bonus.. but such a bonus!
Meanwhile, I've finally noticed that you're in Takoma Park. I lived there when I was a wee child. I'm told I played in Rock Creek Park a lot as a kidlet. Is it still lovley?


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