Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cozying up to my iPod

David gave me an iPod for Hanukkah and I've been enjoying it immensely.

I made a little cozy for it with Knit Picks Gloss yarn.  After taking a swatch, I measured around the iPod and multiplied my gauge by the number of inches.  I cast on that number and knit a few rows of garter stitch, then switched to stockinette for the body.  I knit until the cozy was long enough to cover the iPod, then divided the stitches in half and did a 3-needle bind-off. 

I picked up stitches along the front, knit back and forth in stockinette for a couple of inches then finished with a couple of rows of garter and bound off.  I sewed the hanging flap up the cozy to make a little pocket for the earphones.  (Actually, I added a couple of stitches to the flap to make room for my larger mono earphone from my hearing device--but most of you won't need to do that.)  Then I started a long i-cord to go around my neck.

Although I've listened to podcasts on my laptop for a while (and still love Cast On and the others), I've discovered a few new favorites:

1. Sticks and String

Although I obviously have a lot of interest in men who knit (as you can tell since both my partner and our son knit), I was a little wary of a knitting "bloke."  Sounded a bit too consciously macho for my taste.  I was wrong.  (Clearly I didn't get the everydayness of the word in Australia.  I gather it doesn't mean anything other than "man" or "guy" or "fellow" does to some of the rest of us.) 

David, the host of the podcast, has a welcoming personality.  With his gentle voice, he presents essays, reviews, and occasional interview interspersed with mellow music.  I caught up with all of his earlier episodes in short order!

In his spare time, David is an astrophysicist and a teacher.  How cool is that?

2. More Hip than Hippie

This is an "eco-funny" podcast, as the hosts say.  Although Dori and Val are a bit more professional and less off-the-cuff than Lime and Violet, they have some of the same energy.  The introductory song turned me off so much than I almost didn't continue listening to the first episode--but now I am totally hooked on their laughter, inspiration, reporting on issues, summary of recent eco-news, and "teeny weeny greeny" tips to live a greener life, and reviews of chocolate and beer.  Have a listen!

3. 3 Wine Guys

These three guys review several wines on each episode, usually all of a particular variety.  Sometimes they talk about particular wineries or the history of a particular kind of wine as well.  I don't always laugh at their occasional attempts at broad humor, but I'm very fond of their quiet off-the-cuff  discussions.  Who wouldn't drool over descriptions of "a chewy kick-ass pinot" tasting like a mix of cinnamon, raspberry syrup, pencil lead, grilled toast, violets, and forest floor?

4. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me

Did you KNOW you could listen to some of the best of NPR, including my all time favorite listed above?!  I had no idea.  I also found my favorite local NPR talk show from an old hometown--the thing I still miss absolutely the most about Philadephia.

5. The Economist and Democracy Now

And when their news gets too serious, check out the Onion.


Carrie K said...

Cool cozy for the iPod and cool content to listen to!

Anonymous said...

Great cozy for the iPod! Handknits make even the coolest of things cooler I find...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love having a new episode of "Wait, Wait" waiting for me on my iPod--it's a solid hour of entertainment, on my schedule. We also sort through the Canadian series "Big Ideas" for interesting lectures, and I never miss the monthly "Ouch!" podcast from the BBC.

But may I say, that is one fine iPod cozy.

Oh--and my husband and both his brothers all learned to knit as boys. Their mother had them knit mittens in the back seat on long car trips, to keep them occupied.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to hear the NPR "Goon Show" from BBC radio!

Sean said...

eek! didn't even know there was a man-hosted podcast! thanks!

hope all is well!

Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish said...

Your instructions are way more advanced that the ones I created for my iPod cover. I mean, I don't even understand all of them. (3-needle bind off?) I wouldn't know how to pick up stitches from the front either. Do you give lessons? :-)


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