Monday, January 22, 2007

Arctic Alpaca

I've been knitting the Skeleton Scarf from Arctic Lace: Knitting Projects and Stories Inspired by Alaska's Native Knitters and I am really enjoying this pattern. Although it is a very regular and predicable chart, the repeat is 92 rows long so you never get bored. Although the pattern calls for 3 repeats for a short scarf, I am knitting four at a larger gauge--so I will have a wide scarf (or narrow stole) of about five and a half feet long.

Although I did not splurge for qivuit, alpaca makes a gloriously soft substitute.

The pattern is based on a wooden spoon painted with a traditional "x-ray" painting of a monster--showing its skeleton in the same pattern as the lace. Very cool.

The dark lines are the shadows of the window panes with bright sunshine coming through. Right after taking the picture, it began snowing for the first time this winter!


Carrie K said...

Oh, pretty! and very appropriate time for snow to start!

tiennie said...

That really is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The scarf looks beautiful! Enjoy the snow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how pretty! I can feel the softness from here. Any scarf that can inspire snowfall has to be something special!

Lolly said...

I was so excited to see the snow falling! and even more than that, I am excited to see this lovely scarf! Just bought Arctic Lace, and I have admired this same pattern. Thanks for the tip on the alpaca. I knew the qiviut was out, so alpaca will be a great substitute. I hope to make one soon ;)

Anonymous said...

lovely scarf. alpaca is so nice. i love it. did one of the arctic lace shawls myself in jaggerspun zephyr. cannot praise this yarn enough. and lovely colourways.


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