Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping Warm in the Winter

We keep our house on the chilly side during the winter.  We all wrap up in layers of knitwear to keep warm.  We moved our microwave (which we rarely use) upstairs for the winter so we can heat up cherry-pit warmers.  We keep so many blankets and quilts on our bed that it sometimes feels the weight will crush us.  And I have even been known to sleep in my gloves.

Last year we replaced the windows downstairs with extremely efficient windows, and we plan to replace our upstairs windows this year.  That will make it a little safer to turn the heat up a bit.  Until we do it, I wonder if our heater single-handedly causes global warming whenever we turn up our heat--since every bit seems to seep out into the world and heat the outside as much as the inside.
Often during the night I scoot closer to my partner David, a source of both emotional comfort and physical warmth, as I shiver in and out of sleep.  As I was commenting yesterday that when we sleep closer together we're so much warmer, he pointed out that this was not quite true:  "I move closer to you because I love you, but moving closer to you means getting COLDER!"

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