Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Waste, but Lots of History

I recently dug out my childhood lunchbox, decorated with Charlie Brown and Lucy (and even the only cartoon character I ever had a crush on, Schroeder the pianist)--and marred with a few dents, a little rust in spots, and some tape that used to secure my name to the lunchbox:


This was a Hanukkah gift for my partner David--not for our son who is homeschooled and therefore only packs a lunch occasionally

I filled the Peanuts lunch box present with cheerful Graze Organic bags, a product my son and I fell in love with when we spotted them on Fake Plastic Fish

For lunch today, I filled the bags with a cheese sandwich, some pretzels left over from our travel snacks, some carrot coins, a little pack of organic raisins leftover from our Halloween stash, and a napkin.  I think a clementine made it in the box as well.

lunchbox inside

The lunch bags are made from unbleached organic cotton, printed with water-based inks, and contain no plastic except for the velcro closure. Of course they aren't the right packages for the leftovers that usually go with David for lunch--but they are fantastic for adding to the retro-schoolkid-lunchbox to hold basic sandwiches, grapes or cherries, cherry tomatoes, carrot or celery sticks, pretzels, or treats like cookies. They can go in the washing machine but usually are fine after a good shake or a bit of spot cleaning in the kitchen sink.

Packing your own lunch is the easiest way to TakeOutWithOut--especially if you are trying to stay out of restaurants...

*  *  *

David happily carried the lunchbox to his work--a federal government office filled with health care professionals.  I can't wait to hear the reaction!


Penny L. Richards said...

I had a Peanuts lunchbox too! Not this one--I see a yellow background and only Snoopy and his house on the side panel. For some reason I think we stored notched craft sticks in it for a long time after it was out of commission for lunches.

The Tell-Tale Heart said...

Two very hip folks were quite impressed with my new lunch box. Otherwise it didn't raise too many eyebrows.

Lunch was delicious and I loved the cloth bags.


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