Thursday, January 07, 2010

Green Resolutions 2010

For our New Year's Resolution this year, my family has decided to spend the year considering how to move towards "The Hanukkah Standard"--an idea I talked about recently in a post over at the Green Phone Booth.  Hanukkah is a time when Jews commemorate the "miracle of the oil" when one day's worth of sacred olive oil in the eternal lamp stayed lit for eight days as the early Jews rededicated their temple after its desecration.

We have come to a time where we again must use much less than we assume we need.  The idea of the Hanukkah Standard, a plan created by Arthur Waskow and the folks at Green Menorah Covenant, is to make what normally lasts for one day carry us through eight--that is, only use 1/8th of the energy resources used by the average American.

Although the three of us here at Chez Raven have attempted for several years to green our lives and reduce our impact on our planet and community, this year I am committed to stepping up our efforts.  Guided by the Riot 4 Austerity, over the course of the year we'll look at the changes we need to make in order to reach our ultimate target.

The goal for the year is not to reach the Hanukkah Standard immediately but to begin the journey and learn how to get there.  We know that some changes will be much easier than others.

Join me this year as my family imagines a new future, struggles against the forces of darkness, celebrates our successes, and displays our lights in this window for all to see.


Heather said...


I've been reading your blog for at least a year, although i can't remember if I've commented before today.

I was wondering if you might find this tool useful in your resolution. It's an Excel spreadsheet developed by my husband and I to monitor the CO2 emissions generated by making all the stuff you do and all the things you use and consume. I realise that your focus is on energy use, rather than CO2 emissions, but it might still be helpful.


--Heather :-)

The Raven said...

Thank you Heather! The tool looks wonderful from the description on the website. Right now I'm away from home but will download it as soon as I am back. It certainly looks helpful.


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