Thursday, August 27, 2009

Homemade Fishing

Our 10yo son woke up to a cool mountain morning with a plan: he wanted to go fishing in the little lake that has been a centerpiece of our vacation.

First, he found some long sticks, still a bit green, in the woods. We went shopping for some fishing twine and a colorful lure, and we used a champagne cork for a bobber. (Two of the poles had plain hooks and no bobbers. We must remember to drink more champagne next year...)

David and I checked online how to tie the monofilament to the hook while our son dug for bait.

For a while, I stayed on the bank as Papa and son went messing about in boats. The tried the paddle boat first. What a wonderful fishing vessel it makes!

I joined them after a while and we spent another hour or so on the lake, reading and dangling fish snacks. My kind of multitasking.

We have no fish for our dinner--and honestly, I am sort of grateful. What would we have done had we caught something other than pond muck on our hooks?!

My camera caught the only fish of the day:


C Meir said...

I wanted to know who was going to clean them?

The Raven said...

Ha! We were hoping that between the internet and the three of us, we could have figure out something... Today we broke down and bought some local trout at the store...

Carrie K said...

My kind of fishing and catching trip.


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