Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Brevard Shawl

When we drove through Asheville on our way to our mountain cabin, we stopped in at the amazing fiberworks store Earth Guild. Although (of course) all three of us (husband, son, and I) brought plenty of knitting for the vacation, I was drawn in by a simple cotton shawl on display, made from the slubby yarn called Ironstone Flake. The display shawl was knit on large needles with the yarn held double, and I did not love the way it draped. The pattern, while quite simple in its stitches, seemed a little too fussy for the yarn. It looked almost like macrame. Nevertheless, it seemed like such a perfect summer shawl. When I looked at the gauge swatch for the yarn on a smaller needle, I was convinced to purchase three balls. I knew I could play around on Ravelry until I found the perfect pattern.

Before we had arrived here in Brevard, I realized that the elegantly simple shawl called Boneyard, designed by budding knit-god Stephen West, might be the perfect pattern for this yarn. I just knit a Boneyard with a pale gray Felted Tweed (pictures coming soon) and love it. The relaxing, straightforward knitting seemed perfect for days on a porch swing overlooking the lake.

I cast on.

Although I love the finished products, I've never enjoyed knitting with cotton or hemp or linen. They are often hard on a knitter's hand. But this yarn was soft and even a bit giving. Not too bad to knit with.

I had a great deal of trouble seeing the m1's with this yarn. (The pattern uses m1's as its major method of increase to keep the fabric solid.) We are currently on vacation and I have no stitch markers (although I have since realized that my husband has a pack in his knitting bag). Instead, I used yarnovers to keep things easy.

When I got to the first garter ridge, I began to think that even the elegantly simple garter ridges in Boneyard were too fussy for this slubby yarn. I decided to leave them out.

So here we have a perfectly plain shawl with lovely drape, amazing sheen, and a beautiful celery color. I guess it really is not a Boneyard anymore. I’m calling it my Brevard shawl, because this name shares so many letters with its parent pattern and because it was started here is the mountains of this town in North Carolina.

It is chilly here in our vacation cabin in the mountains. Wish the shawl were already finished and ready to wear!


Woolysheep said...

Like your shawl. I crocheted a very simple one on my road trip to Maine a couple of years ago. You mentioned the chilly mountain cabin and it reminded me of how chilly the summer mornings were to me during that trip. Here in Texas there is no such thing as using 'chilly' and 'summer' anything in the same sentence. Thank you for bringing that nice memory back to me with your story.

Carrie K said...

Boneyard to Brevard: The Journey.

Sounds like an excellent project and souvenier.


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