Monday, August 17, 2009

Fair Isle in Unfair Times

One of my husband's friends recently lost his mother. When she died, she left quite a bit of wool and knitting--including a large in-process colorwork sweater intended for him.

The friend sent it home with David for me to look at--and I'm pretty sure it is a worsted-weight Norwegian-style sweater planned to be a cardigan. There is no yarn with the project, and no pattern.

The sleeves are finished with the exception of stitching the facings under...

...and the body is finished up to the top--but it needs to be steeked, the neck and edge stitches picked up, etc.

It would mean a great deal to David's friend to have the sweater finished.

Does anyone recognize the pattern, by any chance? Might anyone know what the yarn is?

I'd love suggestions about how to proceed. Any ideas?


jennifer said...

Looks like it's a Dale of Norway pattern -- possibly one of their MANY Olympic Patterns -- IF it is (and the colors also suggest this) you should be able to get pattern and yarn to match to finish. IF YI was still around, they'd have 'em all -- but that wasn't what we kept -- perhaps a shop in MN might be able to help!

Carrie K said...

Did you get any actual help on Ravelry? It does look like a Dale pattern but it could just be an older Norwegian sweater.


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