Monday, August 31, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Our peaceful vacation came to an end. We pulled our ancient little red Civic hatchback out of its parking spot, loaded it to the gills with bathing suits and knitting and books and pottery, and headed home.

I came back with these intensely itchy little souvenirs all over my arms and legs. It made it very hard to sleep last night.

* * *

Today we return to our normal life. The public schools open their doors today and Son (who is homeschooled) is planning to wrap up a few projects he's been working on over the summer. Although we wont officially celebrate the start of 5th grade until the day after Labor Day, it feels like Autumn has arrived. All is settling in and my calendar is filling up with classes and lessons, plays and concerts to attend, and playdates. Even the weather cooperated with the school calendar this year--rare for the Middle Atlantic. The temperature has plummeted to a high in the low 70s with low humidity.

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