Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Fruits of Rainy Afternoons

Every vacation is bound to have a rainy day.

We spent some of ours reading on the front porch, or knitting as we watched the drops of rain fall into the lake.

Eventually we headed into town to visit the antique stores and a few pottery studios along the way. We came out with new table linens:

This quilt top was made by the owner's husband's great-grandmother shortly before she died in the 1960s. It makes a beautiful tablecloth--although I admit I worried constantly that we might spill something on it.

We also bought a "totem" candle holder made down the road from our cabin. It is influenced by the Carolina face jugs of traditional pottery. I love it.

* * *

Of course, we came prepared for rain with a few of our favorite boardgames, as well.

One of the games we played was The Settlers of Catan. It is certainly one of my favorites, although I always seem to lose to my metropolis-building husband. And appropriately enough, I always seem to wind up with handfuls of sheep!

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