Thursday, June 05, 2008

Knitting Together

Both Son and David have the washcloth bug too! They are knitting from the same big ball of cotton yarn--Son from the inside and David from the outside.

Here, while Son works on a garter stitch square, David tries out Mason-Dixon's ball-band dishcloth. (I linked to the free pattern, but check out these 2600-plus examples, too, if you are on Ravelry.)

Here is David's finished cloth (about an hour later) being used by Son as a hot mitt so he could pour our evening chai:


Red said...

A hot air baloon ride and learning to knit. That is about all I want to do before I leave this world (Which hopefully won't be for a very long time).

My mother-in-law knits, but she speaks very little English, so that is out of the question.

Maybe I will see if there is a local knitting club. BAM, I am a genius!

Carrie K said...

He knit that in an hour? I'm jealous.

I love dishcloths. They're about the favorite knitted item I've given too.

Birdsong said...

That is just too cool! I love how they are knitting from the same ball of yarn, and think you need to frame this one, or use it for a family greeting card or something:)

Grandmother Wren said...

I love this! I'm forwarding to my sister - also a ravelry member who knits dishcloths. But I just know it hasn't crossed her mind that her two boys and her husband might want to join in. Thanks for a really fun post and congratulations on a lovely family.


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