Sunday, June 08, 2008

Growing Local

Today, in honor of the first week of One Local Summer which asks participants to document a meal a week made with local ingredients, I present:

Ground beef patties (from our farm source)
stuffed with onions and flavored with horseradish (both from the farmer's market)
Roasted radishes (from our garden)
Stir-fried radish tops (pretty tasty!)
Whole wheat bread, homemade with wheat we ground ourselves

A simple meal--but the novelty of cooking radishes (which I have only had raw) and also eating their greens definitely made it seem a bit adventurous.

I can't want to read about other people's local meals. What are you cooking and/or growing?


Red said...

We are growing herbs mostly, but then again we use so many herbs it is worth it for us to grow them.

We do purchase our produce at a local market, so I know that helps a wee bit.I was just watching Planet Green and they tell you to eat seasonally, but people will not do that, we here in the US are spoiled, we want our gapes year round. And I will be the first to admit I am one fo those folks.

Maybe I should rethink my eating habits.

Martha H said...

Great timing! For lunch, we had tomatoes, zucchini and Bovre cheese wraps, with all of the ingredients except the tortillas and garlic procured from local farmers. Dinner is cooking, with more tomatoes that will go into a polenta gratin that has local arugula and mozarella. Okay, so the cornmeal is from NY, purchased at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, but at least local to there. I could move there, you know :-)

Danielle said...

Mmmmmm, sounds lovely. I enjoyed your post above as well, but the roasted radishes moved me to comment here instead. I'll need to give that a try this week before all our radishes are gone until fall. Thank goodness the heat broke!


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