Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Tonight is the international Earth Hour, also known here in the States as Lights Out America.

Turning off the lights for just one hour does make a small difference all by itself--but primarily, this is a symbolic opportunity. Join us in celebrating it by turning off your computer, your television, and the lights. Sit down for a romantic meal by candlelight, read poetry, play word games, pull out your guitar or banjo for a sing-along--and lets spend the evening talking with our families and friends tonight, remembering what is really important to us. What a great opportunity to recognize that the "sacrifices" that we have to make in order to protect the earth and its inhabitants may not be sacrifices at all but may ultimately bring us to a better and more authentic life.

* * *


Mouse said...

Cool.. thanks for the reminder! I'm not one to have lights blazing all over the house anyway but I'll definitely make sure to shut down for an hour tonight. I definitely don't mind an hour of knitting by candlelight!

Nature Concern said...

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