Friday, August 10, 2007

Knitting in the Blue Ridge Mountains

I had big plans for my vacation knitting.

While I sat on the porch in the middle of Appalachia, I was going to begin Miriam Felton's Mountain Peaks Shawl while listening to Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer (about the same mountains) on my iPod.

While my mountains are not the ones Felton was thinking of when she designed the shawl, I knew this shawl with its cool green woodiness would always remind me of this vacation and this area--one I've loved since I was a little girl.

After I started, I began to wish I had brought a set of needles one size larger. As I started the "purl two together through the back of the loops" part, I realized I would have to rip the little bit I had and start again at home, with needles sharper than the regular Addis I was using.

Hm. I knit a few more rows on my just-for-the-car scarf....

* * *

While we were picking up a few little things in town, I chanced across a knitting store! What luck. I popped in Charlotte's Fibers in Brevard just to pick up a set of sharper, and perhaps larger, needles so I could restart the shawl. While the store does not have that hip coolness of Purl's in Asheville, the selection of yarns here at Charlotte's is simply fantastic. I got lost--as did David!--in exploring all the colors and textures as well as cool samples and tempting patterns.

Looking at the local yarns, I found myself in front of a shelf of hand-dyed Misty Mountain Farm's Blue Ridge Yarn. I picked out Highlight (a merino-tencel blend) in the "Waterfall" colorway. Although the yarn is produced over the border in Virginia, it nevertheless seemed like kismet. We are staying, afterall, in the Land of Waterfalls. The yarn came home with me.

I bought one skein--and cast on a narrow scarf, just one width of Feather and Fan. I think it will be a gift for a young friend--perhaps with a matching little sock-toe purse with an I-cord strap, if there is enough leftover yarn.

* * *

This afternoon, we plan to explore some of the local pottery shops around Brevard. Please, please don't let me fall hard for another hobby....


Rachael said...

Prodigal Summer is SO GOOD and perfect reading for those mountains!

Karida said...

Brevard! It's the nearest town to my mom's house in the mountains. I assumed that no one else had ever been there! And Charlotte's Fibers is cute. Not "hip," but still cute.


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