Sunday, August 12, 2007

One Local Summer #7

We've been doing a whole lot of local eating during our vacation in the mountains of North Carolina. Everything from our restaurant choices in Asheville to our Shabbat dinner involved local foods. But for this week's official entry for One Local Summer, I submit our day of local eating. Most of the supplies we acquired at the fantastic grocery, Poppies.

Seeded bread from a local bakery, local blackberry jam (also with seeds--my favorite), and locally roasted coffee. (More about the book soon.)


Scrambled local eggs with Brevard shitakes, served with steamed local green beans. Fresh peaches for dessert.

Mountain trout panfried in butter with summer savory served on a bed of local rainbow chard. Topped with a relish of chard stems and yellow squash, cooked down in a local brown ale reduction. Terribly improvised, but absolutely delicious!

The wine we saved for dessert...

...and served with fresh blackberries.


Sheepish Annie said...

Sounds like you've found the best in local fare!

Specs said...

I love these posts, but oh wow do they make me hungry. I must stop reading these right before dinner time.

Caroline said...

Your food pictures always make me hungry!

Lazuli said...

Wow, that's so funny! You visited what had become my new town only days before you were here (and I'm obviously behind on the blog reading!). We've been discovering exactly the same wonderful local foods as you (we *love* Poppies) and I've been enjoying getting to know the knitters over at Charlotte's Yarns! I'm glad you enjoyed your time here!


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