Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Asheville Arts and Crafts

Asheville has a fantastic arts and crafts scene. We had a blast admiring urban sculpture and listening to all the street musicians, often right next to each other:

One of our favorite art locations was Woolworth Walk. Remember the old Woolworths stores from years and years ago?

This one has been converted into a location for local artists to display and sell their art. Very cool. What a great reuse of space!

And they even preserved the soda fountain!

* * *

Of course, there is little I love more than fiber. And there was certainly no shortage of it in Asheville!

First we went to the legendary Earth Guild. I oggled all the looms, then bought a spindle to replace my broken one and some bamboo fiber as well as silk brick to spin during vacation. Although my brother was very patient about my fibery addiction, after a little while he excused himself to explore the stores next door.

While David and our son checked out a toy store and my brother went to say hello to a friend in a comics shop, I checked out another yarn store--Purls:

The store is gorgeous and hip. Sensuous yarns arranged by color are beautifully arranged. I bought some stunning handmade pottery buttons--square, glistening, and as of yet with no destination.

I left the store and met up again with the boys. On our way to dinner, my brother reminded me of the story he and his girlfriend told me earlier in the day: they had gone in a store with both yarn and handcrafted items and tried on hats. Although my brother had liked one hat very much, he had refrained from purchasing it because he thought I might be able to make one for him.

SO...looks like I had to go to just one more yarn store....

What sacrifices we make for our loved ones!

We walked over to a small shop in Grove Arcade, Asheville Homecrafts. One side of the store was full of hats and scarves and the like, many of them knitted from handspun and some felted. Lovely. The other side had an astonishingly varied assortment of yarn given the size of the store.

And here's the hat he would like:

I've got some ideas about how to knit it--but I'd love any tips or thoughts any of you have!

Isn't my brother a handsome model?


Anonymous said...

Indeed, he is very handsome. :) Rebecca (Asheville pics from my camera are on the way!)

Lilleduck said...

Loved your blog! Lots of beautifull pictures. The hat your brother wants looks quite easy to knit. (yes, your brother is a hansom model)
I love the hat and maybe I should do something like it. Looks like cast on, 1 purl row, knit round till almost finished length, 1 purl row and decrease 8(?) times every second round.


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